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Mobile Microwave: The French Artist’s Kitchen

Opening the doors of a car will not only help you commute but can also unlock a web of creative sojourns. Case in point: Benedetto Bufalino and his automobile moorings.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that cars when modified remain tact in their structure and function. Regardless of what you change, from the engine to the suspension, the product should always end in the gigantic framework of a car. As an exception to this rule, Benedetto Bufalino, a French artist, took the what-if train of thought to a notably different track.

On a bright morning when automobiles were rolling down the streets or calmly resting in their parking spots, Bufalino sat there unimpressed and decided they were in need of some upgradation (and modification). Cut to sliced windows, steering wheel, and seats of an old Ford Mondeo lying at a corner looking glum at being replaced with metal panels and a brick shelf to enclose high heating temperatures. The artist fashioned a neat pizza oven and well, all’s well if the pizza tastes well.

This is not the first time this French artist had something cooking in his mind and backyard. Last year, he thrived by expanding the limited role of a car by fashioning it into things it just wasn’t supposed to be. His genius unveiled lights, outdoor seating, tennis courts, grills, or jacuzzis at the opening of a car door. The list of his mighty bouts of creativity also encloses a rather proud chicken coop out of a cop car.

The gateway to creativity can start and end anywhere, and Bufalino ensures it to be one tasty ride.

By maxim