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Bottom’s Up: Here’s a Maxim Drinking Game For World Cup 2018

We like alcohol and we like football. And the obvious concoction is to brew a drinking game of our own.

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It’s been a whirlwind. No, really. It’s been a World Cup of unprecedented events and we still have eight matches lined up on our deck.

While the teams meander their way through the first half only to have you hooked to the screen by the time the clock hits 90, we have something to keep your spirits up. Hint: it involves alcohol.

And that’s pretty much it. We have brewed a drinking game to breeze your way through the matches. There are rules, it wouldn’t be a World Cup game without it. And we’re assuming your loyalties are accounted for and lie with one and one team only.

It’s a once-in-a-four-year opportunity so put that coaster on the table and let the drinking games begin!


Take a Sip When…

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- Someone from your team falls and looks injured

- A player from your team earns a free kick

- Every four minutes in extra time (we’ve learnt a lot from Colombia-England’s levelling last night)

- A player from your team gets a yellow card and pleads his case to the referee

- The ball misses the target for your team


Take Two Sips When…

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- The ball tumbles its way to the corner

- It goes to the off-side

- A player from your team is substituted

- Your team’s keeper saves a goal

- A controversial handball decision is on the cards


Gulp Your Drink When…

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- A player of your team piggybacks or slam dunks a player (this one’s for you, Sanchez)

- Someone from your team gets a penalty kick

- The score at half-time is 0-0



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- When someone from your team gets a Red Card

- When your team scores a goal (because celebration awaits!)

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