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Gaurav Gill on his smashing last-day plans

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The rallyist and racer speeds us up on his smashing last-day plans. Buckle up!


So, how do you think you’ll go?

I’m not much of a party guy. I’d rather be behind the wheel doing it sideways.


What’s the big plan for the last day?

Be with my family and, of course, a rally car. And driving the car flat out in some forest.


You are India’s most successful rally driver, and you’ve won the FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship. Life’s been awesome, right?

Yes, God has been kind. But it won’t stop there. This was just the start.


Has there been an instance when you thought some day was going to be your last?

That’s quite common in my sport. There are moments when a tree is coming right at you at triple-digit speeds and you’re just cursing.


What has been your most memorable moment?

Getting married and my son’ s entry into this world and winning the title.


Where do you think you’ll eventually land: Hell or Heaven?

Hoping to drift into heaven. I’ve been a good boy.


What do you think we’ll catch you doing in your afterlife?

Something to do with wheels... hopefully, burning rubber in heaven.


What is the one thing that you’re glad you won’t have to do again?



Who would you spy on on Earth after you’re gone?

No one, really. I wouldn’t care.


Anybody you’d like to punch out before you cross over?

I’d rather be a punching bag, ’cause I can punch quite hard.


Who would you like to be in your next life?

Hugh Hefner.


What’s been the most embarrassing moment in your life?

Doing a demo and spinning out of control a few years ago.


Since you’re out, give us some sportsman tips to score a date.

Here’s the only tip you need: The faster get laid, and the fastest gets paid!


What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Drove at an average speed of around 115 kmph through winding mountain gravel roads in Hokkaido, Japan, to win the rally.


That is crazy. What’ll be the deathbed confession?

Though my life’s been quite transparent but, yes, I broke a lot of traffic rules early on.


Your last meal would be?

Butter chicken, burra kebab, dal tadka and tandoori roti.


Anything you’d like to do differently, if you got a chance at redemption?

Spend more time with family.

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