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The Most Liveable City In The World Is...

Based on a survey of 140 cities, the Economic Intelligence Unit has announced the most liveable city in the world, and for the first time since the survey’s inception, Austria’s Vienna has topped the list. It displaced Melbourne, which had been topping the list for the last seven years and has now moved down to second position.


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The survey judged cities on the parameters of stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and culture and environment, and rates each city out of 100, indicating which city provides the best living conditions. Vienna scored a total of 99.1, losing points only in the culture and environment section.


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Vienna had only one more companion from Europe in the top 10—Copenhagen—the rest of the list was split between Australia, Japan and Canada. Syria’s Damascus scored the least, and the study suggested that the conflict in the region led to its lowermost ranking. It went on to explain that a disruption in the stability of a region would inevitably impact other spheres due to their dependence on each other.

Delhi ranked 112th on the list, while Mumbai wasn't too far behind at 117. 

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