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Audi GEA: A gym on wheels

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GEA, the world’s first ‘wellness’ concept car, is being dubbed the future of luxury mobility.

In a one-of-its-kind collaboration, audi, italdesign guigiaro and technogym collectively premiered gea, a unique ‘wellness’ car, at the geneva international motor show this year as their interpretation of the future of luxury travel. gea is placed at the crossroads between luxe travel and active fitness, and is geared towards long-distance travel or hectic city traffic.

How it works: The car’s interiors are designed in a way that enables passengers to perform isometric exercises, effectively loosening up muscles and aiding comfort. The dashboard LED turns to amber when you select the wellness mode, creating a more relaxed atmosphere. There are two hidden aluminium handles fitted in the rear seats which pop up on activating a sensor—these are used for upper body workout routines. For the legs, the clever guys at Technogym have fitted two flat boards on the floor which can be raised and used for stepping exercises. There’s a mini monitor that displays video tutorials of the exercises and when you’re done with your workout just grab some vitamin water or juice stored in a mini fridge between the seats. To aid the ethos of relaxation, there’s a small drawer with a perfumed aromatherapy pouch. Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on one yet (even if you have a few dozen lakhs to spare)—it’s still in the concept stage.


By maxim