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Autumn/Winter 2018 for Men’ll Be All About Effortlessness & Slow Fashion

Wills Lifestyle’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection named ‘Kashmir,’ celebrates slow fashion for men.

Autumn/Winter 2018 for Men’ll Be All About Effortlessness & Slow Fashion
Wills Lifestyle/Instagram

Autumn perhaps lays the most breath-taking hue on the land of Kashmir. And, this year Kashmir found its essence in Wills Lifestyle’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. The brand recently unveiled their latest line of clothes in Pahalgam, featuring elements of the valley. And, in an attempt to decode what’s trending in the men’s fashion orb this season, we sat with Manik Malhotra, Design Head (menswear), Wills Lifestyle, for a quick chat.



What are the top ingredients that are defining Autumn/Winter 2018 trends for men?

Effortlessness and slow fashion is becoming the norm of the hour. Today, the world trend revolves around sportswear. But, when we talk about trends depicted by Wills Lifestyle, we’re talking about basking in the glory of heritage and timelessness. So, we are kind of giving more importance to quality. Each piece should live with you. It should feel like an emotion that stays with you. This ‘feeling’ is the ethos of our latest collection.

This year, do focus on tailored clothing. And, within tailored outfits, formal is becoming a little more relaxed in nature: the paddings are going, jackets are becoming more facile, and there is an emphasis on performance, which means, iconic blazers are a must-have. In our latest collection, you’ll see a glimpse of it.



How will the colour palette for men’s fashion progress this season?

If you see how we’ve colour blocked in our pre-winter line, you’ll realise, blue and indigo is an elemental colour palette; it’ll run throughout the season, throughout the year; but, the tones will vary. As the season unfurls, the hues will get deeper and richer. Also, teal is going to be fundamental too; it balances the blue palette beautifully. Now, as we move further, the same colours will further get accentuated by wines and berry palette. And eventually, the berry will transform into orange, saffron and mustard, and, they’ll be complemented by olives. So, that’s the progression of colour-blocking this season for men.



What’re the trending fabrics this year?

Hundred percent natural fabrics. There’s nothing more comfortable than wearing breathable fabrics. You’ll feel more comfortable, and it’s better for the environment, too. So, pure cotton, linen, super wool and silk will be this year’s highlights.



Why should men invest in this collection?

There are prints, textures and solids that we’ve curated, keeping in mind their versatility quotient–our latest collection has something for every man’s wardrobe.



What was your favourite part about creating this collection?

See, Kashmir is a forbidden place in our minds; people resist coming here. So, we have a very limited, second-hand knowledge about this area. But, Kashmir is so much more. It’s really surprising. In fact, it’s rather sad that the world doesn’t know what Kashmir has to offer. So, my favourite part is certainly the fact that we got an opportunity to work here, get inspired and absorb all of Kashmir’s beauty in its truest ways. It was quite a learning experience for me and the team.

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