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Here’s Why Ronaldo’s Beard is Literally Making Headlines

When Portugal plays next, make sure you squint at the screen when Cristiano Ronaldo goes roaring past, so as to get a glimpse of the goatee that is slowly becoming the 12th member of the Portuguese squad.


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Understandably, you may be wondering why Ronaldo’s goatee is becoming such a hot topic. Well, there are two schools of thought, the first being that Ronaldo is not-so-subtly hinting at his remarkable performances, and is making sure that everyone knows he’s the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time). His gestures to his chin post-goals have added more than enough fuel to this train of thought.

Here’s Why Ronaldo’s Beard is Literally Making Headlines
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Fond memories of Messi’s prior photoshoot with an actual goat have been thrown into this school, leading some to believe that Ronaldo is throwing a bit of shade at the Argentinian legend.


Here’s Why Ronaldo’s Beard is Literally Making Headlines
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The second school is a more reliable source: The face from which the facial hairs are actually growing from. In a post-game interview, Ronaldo was finally asked the burning reason as to why he was sporting a beard a lot of men tend to shy away from, and the response is something that may ring true for a lot of people, especially sportspersons: superstition. It started as a joke with a fellow teammate, before the game against Spain, where the #7 proposed, while shaving, that if he were to score against the Spaniards, he’d leave the goatee unscathed for the rest of the tournament. We all know how that game turned out (he scored all three goals for Portugal). The next game against Morocco saw him score the only goal of the match, sealing the future of the beard for the foreseeable future.

Only time will tell whether the beard is the 2018-equivalent of the rabbit’s foot; and, if Portugal manages to win the FIFA cup, then you know what look is going to be trending.

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