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How To Spot A Well-Groomed Man

It takes a keen eye to assess the extent of care people bestow upon themselves and here’s mapping out the basics of a well-groomed man.


How To Spot A Well-Groomed Man

If you think grooming doesn’t apply to men and/or isn’t relevant enough, you’re living in the dark ages, my friend. It’s all about caring and paying heed to what those pores and dead cells are saying; no longer is your apparent nonchalance awarded and revered.

And, if you’re learning or trying to learn, here’s your one-stop guide to knowing what your end-goal is. Put on your grooming-lenses and be ready to put yourself under the scanner.


Step 1: Facial Scrubs For Your Skin

Let’s start with peeling off the problem. The air can dampen your skin with all kinds of damaging elements, and it’s important to give it room to breathe. Exfoliation works wonders to keep the freshness running through your face. Include facial masks and scrubs in your weekly skincare routine: they can dissolve away the dead cells for a fresher look.


Step 2: To Beard or Not To Beard

You can be fluid with your facial hair, and alternate between maintaining stubbles, beards, or clean-shaven looks. Shaving as a skill comes with practice and while it may leave bruised and cut in the first go, it’s a lifesaver on most days. Smoothen your skin with shave oil or keep the blades in warm water to avoid irritation afterwards: these are tricks which might come in handy. Even if you resist any taming of your glorious beard, keep it in shape with trimming. Don’t let the fuzzy hair populate your face with its wavering strands–it’s one of the first things which comes to notice.


Step 3: Making Your Hairdresser Your Best Friend

Out of the many relationships you can indulge in, you can count on this one to trim out all the unwanted problems. If you’ve found the person of your hairstyle dreams, who understands you and gives you the shape you need, you must preserve it for life. Instead of making frantic last-day runs with a ruffled head of goose hair, book appointments. Trust the vision of your hairdresser to take your hair to its glamorous fruition, every time.


Step 4: Manscaping, Forfeit All Arguments

You could grow out your nether region in a miniature forest. But, should you? The natural habitat could adapt as well. No one’s asking you to barren the main land, we’re mooring the idea of a mere courtesy of keeping it neat and tidy. The market is sprawling with electric razors to effectively trim the outgrowth there; word of caution: keep them apart from facial razors.


Step 5: Trimmed Nails and Plucked Brows?

It’s back to the basics. Closely trimmed nails? Basic hygiene. Growing them out isn’t doing anyone a favour; so, don’t let indolence rule your baser instincts. Moisturise the edges of your nails to soften the half-rising skin bits. Women notice a lot of things, and yes, eyes do strike out–so equally important is keeping your eyebrows tidy. You could take things in your hands and not let the hair meet in between (or below and above the brows) or seek professional care. Trust us, it’s all for the best.


Step 6: Happy Feet

Scrub and moisturise: that’s all your footcare regime asks of you. After being trapped in layers for the whole day, things are about to get smelly in there. Scrub out the dead skin and remove the dirt while taking a shower, and smooth things over with a moisturiser. Think of it as strengthening your best-foot forward game.


Step 7: Sniffing For The Right Fragrance

Commitment is important, and staying loyal to your one true scent should be your defining apparatus. Give it significant thought instead of picking the first bottle looming before your eyes–test and make it your signature fragrance. Aftershave should be the embedded part of your presence, no compromising or overdoing there. Also, an unrequited PSA: no fragrance is a fragrance (or smell), just saying.


Step 8: Wash. Moisturise. Screen. Repeat.


Doing a lazy rinse of the face isn’t going to save your skin from all the damaging cells, it’s essential that you cleanse and tone your skin at least twice a day. Also, moisturise. In abundance, especially in the monsoon. You’re doing it wrong if you pop the sunscreen only on sunny days; it’s an all year-round protection agent, which also does wonders for anti-aging needs. Don’t let the drowsiness of the morning and the exhaustion of the night get in the way of healthy skin.

It’s all about the routine you set in place, which saves you from your messier instincts. The secret doesn’t lie in expensive bottles and haughty brands. It’s all about figuring what works for you and making it a part of your life.

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