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Everything you need to know about Rajesh Pratap Singh's latest creations.


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Your tribute to the legends of music was very well received. Is music a major influence in general?

You know, honestly, I don’t work with themes. It’s the current state of mind that’s all. Music is something that stays with me all the time. It’s something special and plays a very, very important role in all our lives.


Based on your collection, would you suggest monochrome for Indian summers?

I suggest wear whatever you are comfortable with and want to wear. I wouldn’t want to dictate anything to anyone.


How about a trend you wish would end soon?

Personally, I wish that trends weren’t of any consequence at all. Trends are second-hand options and people should think for themselves. The moment you fall into the trap of trends you let go of your own interpretation. That’s just my suggestion, of course.


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We saw a fair amount of geometrics in your pieces. Are there any rules one should keep in mind while dressing in geometric separates?

Well, the thumb rule here is that there shouldn’t be any rules. But if it’s a very bold geometric, then it tends to stunt height. So basic rules like, vertical stripes work for people who are not very tall. Again, you know, these aren’t dictated. Just go ahead and wear whatever makes you happy.


How do you see the menswear market growing in India?

I think over the centuries, Indian men have always been experimental. From traditional costumes which were royal and opulent to regular outfits—our men have always been very comfortable in their own skin and in dressing up. And the fashion had always been attached to a bit of functionality, besides the royal factor. It’s only in the last few decades as people are travelling more and the national confidence is growing that we are adopting newer styles that traditionally weren’t ours.


What are your thoughts on athleisure becoming a mainstream style? A number of designers are embracing it now.

It’s the idea of comfort and taking that into more formal fashion. I think it will evolve with active sportswear. People will integrate active sportswear ranging from track and field clothing to footwear, especially sneakers, with formal wear because it’s comfortable. So that will be a blend that will evolve beautifully. It doesn’t have to be about branding. It will be about the subject and construction of the garment. And obviously, selection of the fabric.


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Gender neutral clothing is starting to make an impact on the runways and the red carpet. Do you think it has the potential to trickle down to the regular Joes?

You know, it’s an extreme statement either way. So unless someone is really comfortable with it, don’t just do it because it’s in the news right now.


Personally, how do you like to dress?

Honestly, I just have uniform! My work is to make clothes, not to, you know, worry too much about what I am wearing when I am making those clothes. I just stick to what I am comfortable with and honestly I don’t really think about it too much.


Who are some of the most well dressed men in India right now?

For me it’s the person on the street. The man in the desert and the guy wearing his white shirt perfectly. You know it has to be that common man who is really comfortable in what he is wearing. I find someone like that interesting.  


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