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The Life Of A Fashion Photographer: Ryan Dwyer

California based fashion photographer, Ryan Dwyer is living the dream. Inspired by his father, Ryan got into photography, starting out by clicking pictures at proms, homecomings, and class photos in his school. Jump a few years ahead and Ryan is shooting for huge brands like Sports Illustrated!



Learn more about the life of a fashion photographer as Ryan shares his experience with Maxim India.


What are the perks of being a fashion photographer?

Honestly, the best thing about owning a business is that you get to make your own schedule. Photography also allows me to travel all around the world. You also make a big load of money working just 10-15 days a month!


Sounds ideal. What are the negatives of being in this business?

Oh, dealing with high-maintenance models.




What makes a good fashion photographer?

Experience is essential. Lighting, locations and angles are all secondary. Also, being able to direct the models exactly so that you get the images you envisioned.


What is the one thing that you focus on the most while taking a picture?

Locations. Good locations make for great images!



How do you make your talents feel comfortable during a sexy photo shoot?

I give them a lot of compliments. I constantly let them know that they are doing good and looking extremely gorgeous.


What’s your favourite location for a shoot?

I'm from Orange County, California. So there are some amazing beaches in the area. If I have a day off, I'm usually on the beach, surfing and spending time with my amazing girlfriend.



Who's your inspiration as a fashion photographer?

I have always loved David LaChapelle. He makes some amazing sets and is extremely creative. The fact that he works with all A-listers doesn't hurt either! 


Other than fashion, what genre of photography do you enjoy the most?

I love shooting landscapes. I also get great pleasure out of shooting big cities from helicopters. We take the doors off the chopper and just fly around different cities. 



Some pointers for all the aspiring fashion photographers out there?

Push yourself outside your comfort zone. Also, don't be scared to be rejected—just keep shooting. 


Check our some of Ryan's brilliant work below:



Ryan Dwyer For Maxim India
Ryan with his girlfriend.

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