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Fastrack Reflex 2.0 - Smartest Smart Band, Ever?


The all new Fastract Reflex 2.0 is one the best smart bands available in the market that you could buy for less than ₹2,000. Available for just ₹1,995, the Reflex 2.0 is loaded with extremely useful features, such as the activity tracker which includes a step-counter, calories burned, distanced traveled and your total number of active minutes throughout the day.



The band can be charged using the normal USB charger and the Reflex mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Once connected, you can customise the smart band according to your convenience. You can change the display according to whichever hand you would want to wear the band in, you control what appears on the screen of your 2.0. Add or remove various elements such as deactivating the per day calories burned, using the mobile app.



Two of the most beneficial features the band boasts, are namely the ‘Find my Phone’ feature and the camera control. If you often find yourself searching for your mobile under the seat of your car or inside the sofa, the ‘Find My Phone’ feature is an absolute essential for you. When activated with the help of your Reflex 2.0, your phone begins to ring at the highest volume even if it is on silent mode. This feature will however not work if your phone is in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.


The Camera Control feature is yet another exciting new feature that will enable you to make pictures from your camera, remotely. Inversely, this app also allows you to find your band with your phone. When enabled, the band will vibrate five times for you to locate it. Other features such as enabling call and SMS notifications on the band are also available.

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By maxim