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Travelling Through Elon Musk’s Hyper-Speed Road To Success

As the visionary inventor turns 47, here’s recounting the adventures of Elon Musk.



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If there’s a prolific entrepreneur and inventor Sir Newton would be proud of, it’s Elon Musk. If there’s a man who follows through on his word and churns out-of-the-world ideas on a regular basis, it’s Elon Musk. If there’s a man who can helm three global-magnitude companies along with painting the world with his eccentricities, it’s Elon Musk.



If you’re wondering how he does it, the secret lies in the route he takes to his success: to say and forget is the conventional road brimming with traffic, but to tweet and do is the hyperloop Musk takes. To call him precocious would be to say that the boring company bores (quite literally), for the young Elon began crating video games and teaching himself programming at the age of 12. He had already found his first company by the age of 25, a number where the quarter-life crisis usually haunts us truly boring people. Following the education legacy of the greats, Elon dropped out of Stanford to begin his speedy road to entrepreneurial success.



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He believes in changing the vision of the world and humanity, and he is doing it with every flamethrower-of-an-idea shot in the sky. On his 47th birthday, here’s casually reminding ourselves what the business magnate has already done and the electronic flights he’s yet to take right through space and to Mars.



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1. Tesla Motors



Synonymous to the entrepreneur’s image, Tesla, Inc. is the embryo for the electronically engineered cars. From Model S to Model 3, Elon aims to open the doors of these revolutionary transportation systems to the average consumer.


2. SpaceX



He knows how to ride right into space with his ideas. The aerospace company has made the possibility of diving into space and establishing a colony in Mars. The dream merges with reality with every Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 shot to space.


3. Not-a-flamethrower and High-Speed Connector



Nothing bores this man, and for that very reason, he established The Boring Company. A tumultuous traffic jam in L.A. led the entrepreneur to tweet out this difficulty from his life by founding the infrastructure and tunnel construction company. It has won the bid to build a high-speed connector in Chicago to reduce the travel time till the airport. The company also successfully sold 20,000 pieces of an over-priced blowtorch, as the world went gaga over Elon’s (Not a) Flamethrower.


4. SolarCity



This 2006 conceptualisation of Elon reaffirms the sustainable development mission the entrepreneur advocates. SolarCity has gone on to become the second-largest provider of solar-power systems across the United States and continues to rally for the cause ardently.


5. Web-based phone call


Needs, meet practical application. The idea to allow computers to place calls to landlines in his early days is now being extensively used where consumers can click on contact information available online and a call centre will reroute the calls to the said number. Quite a direct link, isn’t it? An overachiever of typical fashion, the multi-tasker continues to brew pots of ‘possibilities’, which make us believe that the world is his oyster.


6. Hyperloop



One of his most ambitious ideas— Elon’s Hyperloop is a revolutionised transportation system, which can substantially reduce travel time. Fancy this: travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco can be completed in 35 minutes or less–basically faster than flying.


7. Tesla Pickup Truck



Still in its formative stages, the pickup truck has the power to revolutionise the auto industry market. It’s all-electric, obviously, and will have lockers and 300,000 lbs towing capacity. Also, just by the way, it can float.


8. Dragon Cyborg



The ambiguity around the creation prevails but as if to mollify us, it’s almost done. Following the route of Tesla Roadster and Model S Mad Max, the Dragon Cyborg shall breathe life very soon.


9. Also, he’s making candy



He says it’s going to be amazing, and well we’ll just take him up on that. You can subscribe to the Muskian way of life and receive first-hand insight into the commotion of Elon’s mind by following his Twitter account. Every tweet has the power to literally change your life.

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