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Emilia Clarke Sails Away from 'Game of Thrones' And It’s Time To Go Down Memory Lane

The Game of Thrones star prepares to bid goodbye to the show with a poignant post.

Emilia Clarke Sails Away from Game of Thrones And It’s Time To Go Down Memory Lane
(Photo: HBO)

They said winter is coming, and our heart beats quickened. The horns blew as winter set in, and the beat fastened. And, now, Emilia Clarke has officially bid farewell to the saga of Game of Thrones, and our hearts have collectively sunk in the Narrow Sea.

The mother of dragons took to Instagram to recount the adventures of Khaleesi as the end of the show draws near.

The Queen of the Andals and First Men has traversed a long way since her introduction as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones in 2011. With fame soaring higher than her dragons, the show opened many doors for the actress, one leading to Hollywood. Here’s looking at the many faces of Emilia Clarke:

Qi’ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon, Clarke joined the revered franchise as Han Solo’s former lover. With a number of guises and antics up her sleeves, the actress helps to cast light on the tremulous past of Han Solo.

Louisa Clark in Me Before You


Have you ever loved something this much? ? #MeBeforeYou

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In the Sharrock-helmed rendition of the novel, Clarke donned bumblebee stockings to play the quirky Lou, who finds the beautiful road to “just live”.

Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys


Tag your friends if you're ready for #TerminatorGenisys on July 1st!

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One of her early roles in the big leagues, Terminator Genisys marked the reboot of the Terminator saga. As the protegee of Pops and the future mother of John Connor, the movie carved Clarke’s presence and we knew that she’d be here to stay.

It’s time for the queen to sail anew to a different land, and we swear on the Seven Gods that we shall follow her wherever she goes.  

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