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#FitGirl Jacky

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Maxim caught up with Bollywood's fit girl and Puma brand ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez at the launch of the brand's largest flagship store in India. She talks fitness, dream workout buddies and leading men who constantly inspire her. 


Puma says Jacqueline Fernandez is a fitness addict. So when did this happen?

Honestly, when I was selected to represent Sri Lanka at Miss Universe. I was like OK I better start getting fit. I was always an athlete in school—I used to run track and play basketball. So I was pretty fit from school but I had never gymmed in my life. I started doing that. And then when I entered Bollywood fitness was something I really had to take care of.


It's become an expectation in the industry?

Yeah, absolutely.


How many hours a week do you workout?

I work out almost everyday. But there are these days when we're travelling and shooting and travelling again and then going straight to something, so there's physically no time to fit in a work out. Those days are exceptions. I try to work out every day for about an hour, sometimes two if there's something important coming up. Yeah, it's about mixing pilates with some cardio—either treadmill or dance. I alternate between these. It never gets boring. I could be happy in a gym—I love doing legs at the gym—I'm always doing legs and glutes at the gym. Then at pilates I'm just doing lots of stretching and toning. When I'm travelling I carry a lot of DVDs with me—there's half hour workouts and 10-minute workouts. Just making sure I don't lose my momentum of working out.


Ever dared to do the Insanity Workout?

I have! I was on Insanity for like three months during the time of Race (2) and I remember I lost a lot of weight. It's amazing—it helps you lose a lot of weight and it makes you feel strong and powerful. But my only advice to people doing Insanity is to just watch out for injuries because it's so hardcore. You sometimes tend to get lost in it and you forget to look at your posture. So take your time till you build enough strength to go all out.


Are you allowed lazy days?

Absolutely. And those are like the best days. But, you know, you need to earn those days. For me, I kinda have to have those days because I do push myself a lot at the gym and I work non-stop. So it's like when those come I don't feel bad about them.


Your co-star on three films now, John Abraham (who happens to be on the cover of Maxim this month), tells us one shouldn't have a cheat day. “Cheat days are for people who want to cheat” where his words. What's your take?

John never cheats. Another person who's like that is Tiger (Shroff). They just don't cheat on their diet. But I think it's according to whatever works for you. Like what would happen with me when I would cheat is I'd never know where to stop. And that used to become really problematic. Now I've kinda been able to control it. So if you have the will power to control it and say, “OK I'm just going to take one day off and cheat” then go ahead and do it. But if you don't want to risk it then maybe cheat eating isn't for you. Just try and create a diet or a workout in a way that you feel maybe you don't need to cheat. That's possible too. John does it!


Tell us about your trainer.

I have a trainer in pilates called Namrata Purohit. She trains me on a daily basis. She pushes me a lot and she's really mean (laughs).


Who's your favourite workout buddy?

Varun (Dhawan) is really fun to workout with 'cause he's just like me. He gets bored really fast! After a workout he'll be like let's go get a meal. Salman (Khan) is also someone who's really inspiring to workout with because he's like hardcore. So are Tiger and John – really hardcore.


Who's the fittest man in your life right now?

The fittest man right now is probably my co-star Tiger. He's ripped and he's super fit. He's so focused and dedicated. He's an inspiration to anyone who's around him. So we always try to make sure we're in the gym when Tiger's there.


What's your favourite workout gear?

That would be Puma! I just love that there's so many interesting colours, combinations and patterns (in the collection) right now. Honestly, their stuff makes me feel really sexy. Everything from their tights to the way they fit—they keep pockets in the back so you can keep your phone or headphones or hotel key sometimes. Their sports bras are amazing. Their caps are amazing. They have the best training gear when it comes to their shoes. I love running in their shoes. I have their entire collection, obviously. Puma's clothes go from gym to leisure—I spend the whole day in them.

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