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Mexico's Hottest Weathergirl Makes It To Indian Shores!

Yanet GarcÍa has single-handedly ended boring weather forecasts on television. But, there’s more to her than a killer Instagram and sensational screen presence.


Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Makes It To Indian Shores!


On July 26, 2014, the weekend news segment of Mexican channel, Televisa Monterrey, unveiled Yanet García as its host. From that day onwards, weather forecasts on global television were never the same. In the blink of an eye, Yanet became a phenomenon. 

However, and perhaps something that few know, she disguises an entrepreneurial spirit beneath it all, one that matured at an early age—when she was only 21 years old—and long before she accumulated fame as “the world’s hottest weathergirl.”


Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Makes It To Indian Shores!


In her native Monterrey, in Mexico’s Nuevo León, her model academy prepares women to face the challenges of a competitive industry. Although that was her first business, Yanet has had the vision to capitalise on the exposure that television offered her: four years after her first appearance on the box, she’s now a regular on Hoy, a premier Mexican daily programme. Plus, her social media has given her global fame (with nine million followers and counting), and she’s launched a line of bikinis. She’s now setting her sights on a sportswear line and taking up acting.

For this shoot, our Mexican cousins travelled to Malinalco for the weekend. She was on set for hours, and finally called it a day in a wine-coloured swimsuit—she looked spectacular, obviously. At heart, Yanet is still a shy, simple girl, very sociable and—unlike many TV people—a happy person.


Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Makes It To Indian Shores!


You spent a little more than a year in New York. What were you up to?

I left everything in Monterrey to go there. I wanted to improve myself, study English and acting. Last year, I went to London to film Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, and later, to Spain to make the movie Bellezonismo. I was really focused on making films because I like that a lot, but Magda Rodríguez, the producer of Hoy, suggested that I join the programme.


What drove you to leave The Weather Girl?

Two years ago, I got the opportunity to make a movie in Hollywood. They asked me to go for an audition, but since my English was not very proficient, I didn’t stay. Today, I thank god because the fact that the doors closed on me at that audition gave me a lot of courage. And, that’s what led me to move out of my comfort zone and go out to study English and acting.


Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Makes It To Indian Shores!


Sharknado is now an American cult franchise. How did you snag a part in that?

Through my agency, to be honest. The producers sought me out for the role of a meteorologist. My character originally had plenty of dialogues, but they had to make adjustments because I was still learning English. Though I was there for just about two weeks, it was a great experience.


Is English that important?

Yes, it is very important. I’m not making excuses, but I don’t come from a wealthy family, and while they gave me the best education they could, studying in public schools didn’t really allow me to learn English. But, it did start my career and for that I’m grateful. Now, thanks to my work, I’m able to study another language and grow in my line. English is necessary because almost everyone speaks it.


Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Makes It To Indian Shores!


It was then off to Salou, Spain, right? And you starred in another movie. How was that?

I feel like I promoted Sharknado so much on my social media that other directors began to notice me. Jordi Arancón, a Spanish filmmaker, contacted my agency and offered me a small role. I felt, “Hey, I’ve already experienced London, and I don’t want it to be the same—to go to Spain only for five seconds in the movie.” I opted to stay in New York and continue my acting class, and look for bigger opportunities.


But, in a sense, you’re just starting out. A small role in a good movie can’t hurt.

Well, I’ve always been one for taking risks. That’s what I said to my agent, and we laid that out in front of Jordi and his producers. They felt I could be given a larger role, so they sent me the script. I auditioned for it and eventually got the part.


Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Makes It To Indian Shores!


Where is the balance tilting—acting or anchoring on TV?

Many people don’t know this, but I’m a certified public accountant and very focused on my career. I also have my modelling academy—Yanet García Models. To be honest, I always saw myself as an entrepreneur. I like the idea of managing one’s own work. After making films, I am focused on getting new opportunities in that field. The Weather Girl put me on the map, and I continue to reap its benefits. But, my goal is to be an actress.


But, if you were already in New York with this new goal and the means to make it happen, why did you return to Hoy?

I deeply believe that things happen for a reason. I trust in god and in the fact that if he gave me this opportunity, it is because it had to be that way and because it’s for the best. The opportunities in the film industry will come again, it’s only a matter of time—this is just a parenthesis because it was also something I always wanted. I’ve always had the desire to know what it’d be like to do television in Mexico City and Televisa. Thanks to the programme, today I am gaining new experiences and I’ve grown so much.


Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Makes It To Indian Shores!


You have a much bigger profile at Hoy, but it’s still largely weather forecasts, right? Does it still appeal to you?

Look, right now, I’m focused on the weather because that is the space that they’ve given me and I’m very good at it. If I get a different opportunity at Hoy, I would accept it because it’d mean another challenge. I’m not averse to it, and I love learning new things every day.

Apart from TV and your current business, what else are you working on?

I would like to expand the modelling academy in Monterrey. I enjoy helping women and ensuring that they grow and can fulfil their dreams. But, I want to go further, so I’m taking advantage of social media to boost my business—it’s going super on my YouTube channel. I’ve already launched my line of swimsuits—Yanet García Collection. I may launch a sportswear brand... in fact, I would love that.


 Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Makes It To Indian Shores!


Photographed by Rodrigo Palma

Styling by Tatiana Cueva

Make-up by Tatiana Sada 

Hair by Antonio Ruz

Production Maxim Mexico

By maxim