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Vaani Kapoor Has Our Hearts Racing At Max Beats Per Minute

The femme fatale has had our hearts racing at max beats per minute. Now we find out what the sexy star is really like, after hours.


Welcome back to Maxim!

Feels like I’m back home. Right where I belong. The shoot was absolute fun! In fact, I got the best team to work with.


We couldn’t agree more. What keeps you busy these days?

I’m not shooting for a film right now but there are events that I keep doing. And I am also reading scripts. I know it sounds clichéd, but we’re finalising a few and zeroing in, during the coming months.


Vaani Kapoor Has Our Hearts Racing At Max Beats Per Minute


What’s a typical relaxed day like in the life of Vaani Kapoor?


I’m a very boring person. I don’t have too much to do in life. I do Netflix a lot, and watch stuff on Amazon Prime sometimes.


What kind of shows?

Everything that’s entertaining. I don’t have a genre that I follow, but I love The Crown, Game Of Thrones, This Is Us, and I just watched The End of The F**king World. What else is good?


Vaani Kapoor Has Our Hearts Racing At Max Beats Per Minute


What about Big Little Lies? We love that show.

Yes! And they’re coming out with Season Two now?


Yes, with Meryl Streep!

It’s going to be amazing. Fabulous cast. I love Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon, everybody really.


Rounding back to you claiming you’re a boring person, which we don’t believe…

Trust me! I live with two cats.


That doesn’t make you a stereotypical “cat lady!”

But that’s all I fear. (laughs)


Vaani Kapoor Has Our Hearts Racing At Max Beats Per Minute



What are your cats called?

Koko and Kiki.


Cute, do they have their own Insta page?

Well, then, I’d have to handle their account and I can’t even handle mine right now!


What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on social media?

You know, I think social media in general is a very strange beast. Sadly, people thrive on negativity instead of positivity. Everybody wants to be on it, is on it, and then has issues with it and complains about it as well. It’s like a vicious circle.


Are you really a loner?

Hands down I’m a loner. I love my own company. I’m happy with my laptop, TV and maybe a little activity on the phone. I can watch movies back to back. I really want to watch The Post by Steven Spielberg, with Meryl Streep.



Vaani Kapoor Has Our Hearts Racing At Max Beats Per Minute


What would we find you doing if you thought no one was watching?

I’m a couch potato, so you’d probably find me vegetating. Even if I know someone’s watching, it’ll remain the same. It doesn’t really make a difference.


You’ve got great taste in music—our crew can attest.

Did you guys like it? I love hip-hop and pop.


Yeah, your playlist really set the tone. Does music play an important part in your life?

It is inspiring. It does help put me in a certain zone and mood.


Are you spontaneous, or are you one of those planners?

I’m very logical and realistic as a person. It’s strange because there are decisions that I have to make which I’m very indecisive about, small decisions—like what to wear or what food to order. But when it comes to major decisions in life, I’m very clear. I’m very clear about things that I believe in and things that I want.


Vaani Kapoor Has Our Hearts Racing At Max Beats Per Minute


That’s a pretty good balance. Speaking of what to eat, we see you’re a fan of The Big Chill in Delhi and good food in general.

Oh yeah, I was out with my manager and I was showing her Delhi—Khan Market and all these cool places. I love food. I can’t even differentiate to say which is better than the other. I love all cuisines.


What’s changed since you first started working in the movies?

In terms of acting, I feel more confident. But then there are days when I still feel like I can’t act for shit. There are bad days where I’m like ‘How am I going to pull this off?’ But I feel a lot more evolved in terms of the characters that I’ve played. They’ve influenced me in ways and have helped me discover new sides to myself. So that’s amazing. When you’re living in a role, it makes you believe that there are possibilities for you to be someone in ways that you’ve not been in the past.


You’re originally a Delhi girl. What was growing up in the Capital like?

I’ve had a very different kind of childhood in Delhi itself. We had a big piece of land where we stayed with dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, a horse and monkeys as pets. My friends would tease me about living in a zoo! As a kid, I was embarrassed and I wanted to live in a “proper” society. Now that I’m all grown up, I think it made my childhood so much more special.


Vaani Kapoor Has Our Hearts Racing At Max Beats Per Minute


That makes you a fellow animal lover—great! Having spent time in Delhi and now in Mumbai, what do you prefer?

I mean, I was born and brought up in Delhi and, yes, it will always be special for me, but I’m very comfortable in Bombay. I have to say you have a lot more freedom, and it’s safer for girls. Also, the perceptions and the ideology of people are very different. In Delhi, you’re really into your family, girls tend to get married at an early age and I get the feeling there’s little hope for careers and ambitions. There’s not as much support from the family, as compared to Bombay.


Your thoughts on the freedom of choice for women in India today?

There’s a lot more left for actual progression. There’s so much that we have to achieve. Of course, you cannot deny the fact that developments are happening and things are improving, and people are out there bringing about awareness. Society is people like you and me, and if we don’t bring about change in our own lives, families and homes, then the world won’t change. It’s got to start from us.


Maxim truly believes in that philosophy. From studying tourism and hospitality, to starring in YRF movies, how did it all happen?

I was a model in Delhi and I had no plans of moving to Bombay with the hope of becoming an actor one day—I did not have any plans to struggle. It just so happened that my destiny brought me to Shanoo Sharma, who auditioned me for the first time in Bombay, and I happened to get the role.


Vaani Kapoor Has Our Hearts Racing At Max Beats Per Minute


Do you believe in luck, then?

Yes, and also sending the right energy into the universe and believing in what you really want. That’s your truth of life and that’s what reality turns out to be.


Sort of like the mantra of The Secret?

I do like that book a lot. Yes, it’s about manifesting what you want.


Do you think you’re lucky in love?

I would have to say I have been very lucky to meet the right people in my life, and I have not had a bad incident or bad relationship ever.


That is pretty lucky! What do you look for in a relationship?

There are no plans or set rules. I feel it’s about compatibility and connection—those are a must. You can’t just say, “Oh my God, he’s so good-looking,” and forget the rest. Everything matters to me. One thing I wouldn’t appreciate in my man would be if he’s very complacent in life. I would want him to have some sort of ambition, it could be for anything. Have passion and be compassionate.


Vaani Kapoor Has Our Hearts Racing At Max Beats Per Minute


What kind of men get your attention?

Someone who doesn’t try too hard will get my attention. You’ll end up looking creepy when you’re trying too hard to be someone you’re not. I like someone who’s comfortable in his own skin and confident about his personality.


Is it difficult to meet new people?

Unfortunately, I don’t meet guys and it’s really sad. I only meet actors on set. My space is just me and my two cats, and my friends whom I’m in touch with on the phone. My world is very small and, in a way, I like to keep it very selective. But I do also realise I need to expand my social circle so I can meet more people. I’m very bad at making friends. But when I make them, I’m this hardcore loyalist.


When you finally head out for that date, what would you like to do?

You’ve got to be able to do mundane stuff and still have fun. That’s the test of a good date.


Vaani Kapoor Has Our Hearts Racing At Max Beats Per Minute


What’s the one thing a guy should never do in the bedroom?

I just hope it’s not one of those cases where he doesn’t do anything! (laughs) That’s even worse.


So, don’t not do anything?

Yeah, exactly.







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